Styling with feather ssg

By default, all styles are compiled down into one file, global.css

You can change the base naming within ./site-config.json

Page Specific Styles

You can add extra styles to a specific page by adding the css variable to the Front Matter section of your Markdown.

# adds extra styles to this page
css: some-file-name

For this example above, you would want to make sure to create the file: ./src/scss/some-file-name.scss

Then during dev/prod builds it will create, /css/some-file-name.css and automatically include that extra stylesheet within your page.

On prod builds it will be minified and have the filename some-file-name.min.css

Code Snippet Styling

If you have code snippets in your post, turn this flag on to have prism styling applied.

# include prism for code snippets
prism: true

To edit this post, check out: /src/html/pages/html/