Getting started with feather ssg

The easiest way to create a new post is with a markdown file.

All pages/posts are created within ./src/html/pages/

So for example: ./src/html/pages/ => /features.html

Base Front Matter

This is what a base start of a post file would look like:

# layout support
layout: page

# meta
metaTitle: Getting started with feather ssg
metaDescription: feather ssg is back to the basics

# page title (used for prev/next)
title: Getting started with feather ssg

# created (required) and updated date
dateCreated: 2022-07-09 18:19:15 EDT
dateUpdated: 2022-07-11 20:49:34 EDT

Category Grouping

This category is used for grouping and paired with dateCreated, it displays the Previous / Next module at the bottom of a post.

# posts are sorted by created date within each category
category: html

To edit this post, check out: /src/html/pages/html/